Pop-up fact #36 – Know your BAMF – Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

How many scientists take the axiom “sound mind in a sound body” and crush it into little bits before feeding it into a satellite bound for the nearest black hole? Answer: none. Until Dr. Tyson was born in 1958 and achieved off his ass in wrestling, dance, and astrophysics.

Yes, he was anointed our next Astronomer King by no less a luminary then Carl “Billions and Billions” Sagan, but maybe he’s no fun at parties, you say. Stephen Colbert doesn’t think so and neither should you. In fact, Dr. Tyson is a nationally recognized booster for science in general, and it is a proven fact that your IQ goes up after having a conversation with him.

So, the man can rock a unitard, a dance floor, and kill a planet. That’s right. Tyson killed Pluto. They say modern science finally had to reclassify the runt celestial object, but really, between you and me, it was Dr. Death Star.

When he’s not rearranging the cosmos, he’s trying to launch the human race out to the stars, and inspire us (and Congress) to make space travel and science as popular as the Kardashians.

To see an awesome video of Dr. Tyson waxing poetic about the universe, and what objects in it might smash your head someday, click the YouTube link beside the pic, or go to the Hayden Planetarium’s site.

Dr. Tyson, a BAMF for science. Now you know.