Pop-up fact #87 – Know your BAMF – Harry Dean Stanton

Stanton is famously laid back and clearly it works since he’s in his 80s and has no less than 4 movies or shows out this year alone. He’s been quoted as saying that he plays himself as totally as he possibly can, “his own Harry Dean Stanton act.”

Now let’s go to the legendary chest-bursting scene from 1979’s Alien (YouTube has it). The actors were, as all geeks know, not informed of what would happen, and most of the actors react with shock or alarm. Stanton? He manages to slightly raise an eyebrow. The android shows more motion.

I’m not sure what sort of rough childhood Stanton had, but what sort of man reacts to that without flinching? A BAMF, that’s who. And now you know.

Pop-up Fact #14 – Know Your BAMF – Pat Roach

Who beat up James Bond, Conan, Red Sonja, Robin Hood, and Indiana Jones (twice in the same movie)? Pat Roach, that’s who. A 6’-5” English BAMF who was most memorable as the bald, barrel-chested guy who punches Indiana like a ragdoll on the tarmac while a plane spins menacingly nearby.

What roles did Roach play when he was not laying the hurt on heroes: oh, just nightmarish generals and Greek gods (General Kael in Willow, and the Greek God Hephaestus in the original Clash of the Titans).

When you needed your protagonist to get pummeled by the best, you got Pat Roach. Now you know.

Pop-Up Fact #23 – Know your BAMF – Bolo

Bolo was one of the top bad guys in Bruce Lee’s 1973 flick, Enter the Dragon. I encourage you to do a YouTube search for anything with “Bolo” and the movie’s title. BAMF, right?

Now search YouTube for “Bloodsport – Final Fight!”   Same guy!   15 years later and Bolo is even bigger, and delivers the ultimate, crazy-eyed, air-pumpin’ smackdown to poor Van Damme.

Bolo Yeung. BAMF. And now you know.