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As a cherished would be reader, you’ll find soul-tingling offerings posted or linked here. If you need a fiction fix now, check out the links to the right for short stories I have sold to various online publications.

Also, peruse the posts to the right tagged as “Pop-up Facts” about genre tidbits, oddities, and effluvia.

Since the pony rides are on hold, check out the linked Coolness below.

Awesomeness #1 for the Dungeons and Dragons fan:






Awesomeness #2 for the fan of Neil Gaiman, or faerie tales in general:






Awesomeness #3 for the geek who sees non-geeks and newbies getting their geek wrong. Patton Oswalt feels your pain.



Offering #4 for scifi nerdatrons, and anyone who doesn’t want to die in 2012.





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