Pop-up Fact #11 – Unsung Writer – Stanford Sherman

Sherman was a TV writer in the 1960s who contributed 4 episodes to the James-Bond-inspired spy show, The Man from Uncle, and a whopping 18 episodes to the cult camp favorite Batman. Then he presumably set himself on a spiritual walkabout and came back refreshed for the 80s season of post-Star Wars scramble that would result in Krull (1983) and Ice Pirates (1984).

After climbing to the pinnacle of fantasy and scifi, the Sherm disappeared. One can only guess what vampire madness his twisted brain will manufacture when he returns again to ride the Twilight wave. And he will return, resplendent, like King Arthur, answering the siren call for derivative celluloid that stays in your brain no matter what you do.

Hail the unsung writer, Stanford Sherman.

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