Pop-up Fact #66 – Know your BAMF two-fer – Buster Crabbe and Jimi Hendrix

How much testosterone bulges your sack when you’re cast to play Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, and Tarzan. Despite the birth name of Clarence Crabbe, Buster persevered, renamed himself, and had enough manjuice in his system to win two swimming medals at two different Olympics. Then he starred in over 100 movies, and is most remembered for playing the scifi alpha males of the 1930s. He even did a cameo as a retired pilot in the 1979 Buck Rogers and snapped witticisms with Gil Gerard: “I’ve been doing that sort of thing since before you were born.”

How does Jimi fit in? Hendrix kept a trunk full of scifi books with him, and adored Buster Crabbe’s Flash Gordon serials. He even drew scifi art as a kid and used “Buster” as a nickname.

Jimi’s scifi roots don’t end there. Night Of Light by scifi writer, Philip José Farmer, features sunspots that disorient a distant planet’s population (similar to a hallucinogenic drug effect), and it inspired “Purple Haze.” In fact, Jimi wrote pages and pages of lyrics for “Purple Haze,” originally an epic tale of the history of warfare for the control of the planet Neptune. Reminds me of Flash’s adventures on Mongo.

Both men are sadly gone (Jimi, way too soon), and both are Scifi BAMFs. Now
you know.

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