Pop-up Fact #25 – Synchronicity – Noah Hathaway

Was child actor Noah Hathaway the secret center of the 80s genre universe? He played Boxey, Apollo’s son, on the original Battlestar Galactica. Then he played the young hero, Atreyu, in the Never Ending Story. Then he played Harry Potter in Troll. That’s right, kids. Harry Potter.

So Hathaway starred in a seminal scifi show, an awesome fantasy film, and a cult horror-fantasy flick all before he was 16. Now his subconscious influence spreads as there is a metal band named Atreyu, and another tiny series about another H. Potter. Rumors abound about his return to TV and film. Can we handle it?

Judging by his current extreme incarnation as tattooed-motorcycle customizing-muay-thai-warrior guy, perhaps not.

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